6 Jul 2009

The history of the legendary jeweler of the emperor --5

From myphonecard.cn

Figure 7:1910, the Cartier for the design of Queen Elizabeth II of Belgium produced a vortex in a royal crown-shaped design and the theme of the crown logo.

In 1910, Pierre in New York will be a very rare weighing 44.50 karats, called "hope" bluesold his wife, Evalyn Walsh MsLean. Pierre has won many customers from the United States, with the U.S. financial sector and business and industry customers are increasingly close ties, he was ordered to the well-known clients include jewelry: Rockefeller family, Vanderbilt family, Goulburn German family and the Ford family. The same period, the Cartier "Double C" logo available. Permanent Jacques in London from London to the Persian Gulf to find the perfect pearl. After that, he also traveled to India , and succeeded in some of the local nobility to adopted card design studio, will be their favorite multi-color inlaid jewelry re-design modification on the platinum. Jacques, along with his brother Pierre Prince Yosupov purchased from a large number of quality pearls. In Paris, Louis Cartier to attract a group of aristocratic Russian customers, and was held in St. Petersburg several times to visit and display. He adopted revolutionary platinum and garlands Louis XVI ( Garland ) to a unique style depicted.

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